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May 28 2010
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A popular trend in music marketing these days is for an artist to release 'remix stems' for popular tracks. The encouragement to "make your own remix and share with friends" helps bolster album and ep sales as well as drive additional derivative income through sales of the stems themselves. Sometimes those fan mixes are compelling enough they're bundled together and made into an official release.

Stripmall Architecture are long-time friends Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom (Anymore, Halou, R/R Coseboom) collaborating with guitarist Tim Hingston and drummer Patrick Harte to make properly guitarish electronic-infused indie-pop. As Stripmall Architecture, they have several singles, an album, and another one on the way. They're currently working on remix stems for a few of their tracks.

Remixes often extend a theme or layer in frisky dance beats and hip-hop overdubs. This is not the remix I'm doing, if you could call what I'm doing a remix at all. It's far more a (re)construction of something new from something which never saw it coming.

I have to admit I have something of a pop-music allergy. I'm more interested in the spaces between notes, the ambient textures and intonations of fleeting moments. With the stems from their most poppy track (in a major key, natch) I'm working on pulling and smushing and chopping an audio collage which blooms an entire sonic world from those nearly indiscernible moments.

Much mellower than my favorite slice-n-dicers Funkstorung, the piece is crafted in much the same way; guitar passages become fragmented isolated notes, vocal phrases become burbling textures, drums are turned inside-out. To my ears, the result is equal parts Marsen Jules (one of my very favorite sound architects) and Boards of Canada.

I can't share the piece yet so we'll leave it at this for the moment: further collaboration with Coseboom is underway; more stems, more tracks. We'll see where it goes...

Artwork by The Mystery Parade with illustrations by Jody Pham.

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