Works 2.0 in progress
May 1 2010


Relaunching. So much of my work has now become long-tail efforts; I can't really show anything for a year at a time. Meanwhile I discover, through my own wanderings or my network of friends, really interesting stuff... stuff I can share. So this 'new' site is about design; Inspiring, Important, Interesting, and Insightful.

It's been about four years now since I dove into an effort to learn proper CSS and break myself of nearly a decade of website layout coding in tables. Movable Type was in its early versions then, but was set up to leverage CSS templates with fairly simple cms tags to create blog content. I figured what better a first project than to build a cms-based portfolio site. SixApart, the Movable Type forums, and W3Schools were critical in my learning.

Movable has turned out to be quite an excellent tool. I've set up several internal work blogs at Adobe where we use it to present concepts, work in progress, documentation, and gather feedback. My css (and MT) skills are constantly at work evolving the templates and adapting them to new efforts.

For many years, Works has been graciously hosted by Jack at Orange Photography... but I desire more control and tidy urls. So I recently took up a Dreamhost server and proceeded to wade into neck-deep admin tasks. This site is now running on a fresh open source Movable Type 5 install. Naturally during the course of installation I ran into nearly every possible error and found many holes in MT's otherwise fairly extensive documentation.

  1. get mysql database fired up

  2. install mt

  3. hack permissions on various cgi files and /support

  4. hand-build config file (because their wizard doesn't run properly)

  5. migrate content (and correct for the importer's category parent-child bug)

MT5 introduces the concept of a managed website which can house one or more blogs as well as a multiple of separate blogs. Some great opportunities there as my daughter is getting interested in sharing her fashion work and I start to think about branching my other projects into discrete sites.

My favorite triumph here, though, is the logic-branching for layouts present in my templates... Portfolio-related pages use one particular set of layout divs and includes while Post 'blog' content uses another. Clever (ab)uses of the system...

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