New cover art and posters for the Prototyp kit series. Illustrations based on photos of the models, done entirely in Illustrator and utilize livery and sponsor markings from the kits themselves.

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First started in 1999, Prototyp is a personal project which enables me to explore all manner of disciplines; from informational graphics to ecommerce, 3-d modelling to race-car liveries. Branding and identity is a big part of the visual language for Prototyp, too.

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Music releases on Dynamophone Records, San Francisco.
Two-panel gatefold pocket sleeve artwork for full-length album and 5 track EP. Photography, manipulation, layout & design, production.

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Notespark is a popular note-taking, syncing, and sharing app for iPhones, iPads, and the web. The brief was short and simple: "We have a solid product but our mark is meh, please make it awesome."

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Brand and marketing effort for Orange Exposure's Professional Network services. Primary challenge was to communicate the service effectively and distinctly from competitors in the marketplace, with the peculiar twist of needing to reach out to a visually-oriented audience in a visually-saturated marketplace. Rather than using imagery, we used a distinct graphic treatment suggestive of a spreading organic system... we effectively turned the Orange Photography "Dot" into an infectious virus. More »

Construction and treatment definitions for a new Flex component skin system. Aeon's clean, crisp minimalist design features CSS-controlled parameters for color and transparency to allow dynamic visual hierarchy as well as a very clever highlight layer for gloss or matte surface treatments. Application speed and rendering performance improvements were realized through drastically simplified drawing code (by half, relative to Halo).

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Concept art for feature article on music analytics. Potential best-selling songs could be predicted by comparing new music to characteristics of past hits; mapping clusters of shared attributes creates a topography of hit music. Unpublished. More »