Part 5 of #NEWGROUPCBLAST. Not here to play around.

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Part 2 of my work for #NEWGROUPCBLAST. The story begins.

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Prototype car design for a series of livery studies. The work appeared in #NEWGROUPCBLAST, an Instagram thread spun up by Oct8n in October 2018 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Group C/GTP sports-prototype era and in anticipation of the the new 2020 prototype regulations.

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New cover art and posters for the Prototyp kit series. Illustrations based on photos of the models, done entirely in Illustrator and utilize livery and sponsor markings from the kits themselves.

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Adobe Illustrator rendering exercise; concept livery illustration featuring one of my favorite brand/package-design identities. The chassis is a LMP-class Courage C60. More »
[ early prototyp brand mark ]

Prototyp is a multi-faceted design exercise which explores sports-prototype racecar engineering. Technical illustration, product design, structural and surface engineering, language-independent instructional design (for an international audience), and ecommerce development support the exercise. Ultimately the subjects are rendered Origami-inspired paper model kits.

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Brochure capturing the core vision and drive of this small independent racing team. The story and language were created specifically with the Malaysian sponsor (and major investor) Proton in mind. Images were shot over the course of a year during the development of the team's all-new four-stroke racing machine. More »
Identity and collateral system for the Karting program at Jim Russell Racing Schools. Photography, video stills, and layout capture the frenetic experience of karting. More »
The story of the 2000 MotoGP season told through a montage of photography and competitor's words. A richer experience than the typical motorsport annual, the book was intended to become a companion volume to Quokka's earlier project. More »
The official website for the pinnacle of international motorcycle racing, MotoGP. A massive undertaking of live coverage pitting a light-weight international website against capturing the richest and most real experience from deeper within the sport than any spectator had ever been. More »