Orange Photography
Brand and marketing effort for Orange Exposure's Professional Network services. Primary challenge was to communicate the service effectively and distinctly from competitors in the marketplace, with the peculiar twist of needing to reach out to a visually-oriented audience in a visually-saturated marketplace. Rather than using imagery, we used a distinct graphic treatment suggestive of a spreading organic system... we effectively turned the Orange Photography "Dot" into an infectious virus. More »
Artwork created for the new Orange Photography office entry wall. A unique piece in that it represents Orange Photography as a master brand but also communicates through visual devices familiar from Orange Exposure marketing work. More »
The tension between fine art and commerce drives this second campaign for Orange Exposure. A flirtation with dualities, the campaign explores and challenges the distinctions between photography as documentary and as personal expression, between art and business. More »

Series of postcards and web banners promoting Orange Photography's first fine-art gallery show, SF Faces. In collaboration with Start Soma.

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Orange Photography is a collective of photographers exploring and redefining the photographic medium. Agency, art studio, photographic services, digital lab, ecommerce-driven gallery and print fulfillment... all approached with the same expression of excellence and diversity. 2003 Webby Business Award Winner "Best online and offline brand experience" More »