Concept art for feature article on music analytics. Potential best-selling songs could be predicted by comparing new music to characteristics of past hits; mapping clusters of shared attributes creates a topography of hit music. Unpublished. More »
Brochure capturing the core vision and drive of this small independent racing team. The story and language were created specifically with the Malaysian sponsor (and major investor) Proton in mind. Images were shot over the course of a year during the development of the team's all-new four-stroke racing machine. More »
Nine-months-worth of digital assets from Quokka's live race coverage are mapped to GPS satellite tags over the competitors' 32,000 nautical miles of racing. Each interlocking spread of the book presents the prevailing content for a two-day period. When tiled together, the book's spreads cover a 10'x40' foot wall with a map (and story) of the entire race. More »
Super-low-budget, clandestine promotional media produced as a quarterly one-color newsprint fanzine. Stacks were quietly dropped off on the flyer table of our favorite Bay Area record shops, possibly (probably) illegitimately inserted into SF Weeklys, and snuck into various nooks and crannies of hotels, bars, and hangouts throughout the city. More »