Music releases on Dynamophone Records, San Francisco.
Two-panel gatefold pocket sleeve artwork for full-length album and 5 track EP. Photography, manipulation, layout & design, production.

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cs5 desktop

The Adobe / Macromedia merger created a massive product brand and identity strategy challenge: two distinctly different companies became one, with the combined product offering somewhere in the neighborhood of over a hundred unique identities, which all must evolve into a cohesive and functional interoperable system (which in turn must also represent Adobe as a proud parent brand.) As a result, Adobe has the single biggest visually integrated brand system in history.

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CS4 updated and refined the desktop system introduced for the Macromedia-integrated Adobe CS3 era. Visual improvements to the ever-growing system were many - sharper, crisper, brighter - but this release also marked the official yet quietly in-progress introduction of what would become Adobe's new corporate typeface, Clean.

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CS3 was an epic renovation of every Adobe and Macromedia product identity found throughout the desktop. The primary challenges were to develop a system which would successfully merge the Macromedia and Adobe product lines in a way which would tie the product icons together to work side-by-side harmoniously.

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Short film capturing the work of the Adobe Experience Design Team (XD). A demo reel of sorts revealing the revolutionary interaction patterns and application design methodologies created by the team.

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Over 20 years of Macromedia culture and corporate adventure captured in this timeline-based information graphic. Total annual revenue is subdivided by product, and a given row height is relative to the density and significance of that year's events. More »
Artwork created for the new Orange Photography office entry wall. A unique piece in that it represents Orange Photography as a master brand but also communicates through visual devices familiar from Orange Exposure marketing work. More »

Series of postcards and web banners promoting Orange Photography's first fine-art gallery show, SF Faces. In collaboration with Start Soma.

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A collection of this jazz dance musician's work is returned to the dance studio once more.

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Orange Photography is a collective of photographers exploring and redefining the photographic medium. Agency, art studio, photographic services, digital lab, ecommerce-driven gallery and print fulfillment... all approached with the same expression of excellence and diversity. 2003 Webby Business Award Winner "Best online and offline brand experience" More »
A resurgent jazz/funk album from the venerable James Taylor, brought to vibrant life by producer Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove for Ubiquity Records. More »
An acclaimed album by Latin Jazz great Arturo Sandoval, recorded in Los Angeles less than a year before his defection from Cuba. The artwork plays typographically as jazzy and exuberent as the music on the disc. More »
Volume 2 of Cubop's Afro-Cuban dance collection. The 16-page booklet featured bios of each included artist with continued frolicking typographic treatments intertwined with archival photography. More »
Chris Brann's experimental jazz-meets-club/electronic project. More »
Rerelease of an ultra-rare and out-of-print latin-jazz album by this renowned Cuban percussionist. More »
Nine-months-worth of digital assets from Quokka's live race coverage are mapped to GPS satellite tags over the competitors' 32,000 nautical miles of racing. Each interlocking spread of the book presents the prevailing content for a two-day period. When tiled together, the book's spreads cover a 10'x40' foot wall with a map (and story) of the entire race. More »