Whitbread Book
Works / Print.
cover Nine-months-worth of digital assets from Quokka's live race coverage are mapped to GPS satellite tags over the competitors' 32,000 nautical miles of racing. Each interlocking spread of the book presents the prevailing content for a two-day period. When tiled together, the book's spreads cover a 10'x40' foot wall with a map (and story) of the entire race. 10" x 7". Six-color, 200 pages, lots of four-color, four-point type and hairlines with metallic under and overlays (a pressman's nightmare). Each spread contains multiple layers of content and context. The textual narrative formed by email content is treated with emphatic scale and color effects inspired by comic book design. Sequential stills from the competitors' video transmissions are also used throughout the book.

2-06 3-01 6-07 6-08 8-07 cover

Art Direction, Design, Production: Eric Rodenbeck, Ryan Hicks; interstitial design: Sonya Harris.