Flex Aeon
Works / UX Design.

Construction and treatment definitions for a new Flex component skin system. Aeon's clean, crisp minimalist design features CSS-controlled parameters for color and transparency to allow dynamic visual hierarchy as well as a very clever highlight layer for gloss or matte surface treatments. Application speed and rendering performance improvements were realized through drastically simplified drawing code (by half, relative to Halo).

Comparing the intricate original "Halo" Flex UI skin construction to the improved and simplified Aeon:

Flex components are intended to be highly flexible in terms of skinning in anticipation of implementation and integration into heavily branded web experiences. Styling attributes defined by a CSS file can dramatically alter the appearance of the UI. Just a few examples of the range of styling designed into the Aeon skin:

Concept, design, .as drawing code, .css styling: Ryan Hicks.
Contributors – Master Flex Engineer: Glenn Ruehle.