Adobe Experience Movie
Works / Identity.

Short film capturing the work of the Adobe Experience Design Team (XD). A demo reel of sorts revealing the revolutionary interaction patterns and application design methodologies created by the team.

1 minute 26 seconds MPEG video. Soundtrack: Sasha Airdrawndagger

Design, narrative, content production, soundtrack, editing (Final Cut): Ryan Hicks

Collaborators – design, narrative, content production, v-o engineer, editing, final production: Ryan Tandy; voice-over: Andrea Mangani. Direction and inspiration: Michael Gough, Julie Spiegler.

experience_1.jpg experience_2.jpg experience_3.jpg experience_4.jpg

experience_5.jpg experience_6.jpg MS Sector Monitor MS Sector Monitor

eBooks eBooks Mobile Mobile

Flex 2 Flex 2 Media Center Media Center

Flex Travel Acrobat experience_10.jpg experience_11.jpg

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The project didn't begin as a demo... it was originally created for an internal 'advertisement' competition where 30 to 60 second spots were to promote Adobe products and technologies. The XD piece was instead pulled from the contest and used as an opener for investor and partner meetings.