Arcs & Static / Pripyat + Lullaby
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Music releases on Dynamophone Records, San Francisco.
Two-panel gatefold pocket sleeve artwork for full-length album and 5 track EP. Photography, manipulation, layout & design, production.

The music was primarily composed in the crush of commutes between urban and rural parts of the San Francisco Bay Area as a soundtrack for an experience under constant transformation; in optimistic anticipation for the destination, perhaps a lament for origination, and a desire to make a "place" of the space in between.

The work has a vastness which is at its best on an intimate scale; this is close-listening headphone music. The crush of strangers forces a kind of isolation, a retreat into personal space. These are massive compositions woven of brief, fragmented glimpses of layered lives as we shuffle and weave between destinations.

"Isolated negative space tempered with the metered hum of a megalopolis"
- Nicole Harvey