Works / Identity.

Brand vision work for Explor Inc, an outdoor-activity planning platform. Identity, web, and extended brand application.

Team & Founders: Ryan Hicks, experience, brand. Jay Allardyce, product. Brett Heliker, technology

Imagery language for Explor is strongly outdoor-related, depicted as ephemeral, nonspecific, aspirational. Imagery should evoke massive, epic scale, balanced by a human presence.

Primary colors are strong - red, icy blue, white and gray - with polarizing contrast to balance against warm, natural and neutral secondary colors derived from outdoor contexts.

The type wordmark is strong and technical, with strokes and shapes derived from maps and international travel typography. Supported by a crisp, open secondary type.

Logo variations are the vertical "tag" for Explor, Inc the company, a small horizontal orientated badge for Explor platform applications, and graphic for app-icon and social badging.

As a system, the Explor brand and marks are meant to be highly adaptable to varied environments.

Explor and the Explor logo are registered trademarks of Explor, Inc.