Adobe AIR
Works / Identity.

dentity, logo mark, and icon development for Adobe's AIR (Integrated Runtime). Air is a development and distribution platform melding the unique authoring and functional capabilities of Flash, Flex, and web-based technologies for online and offline applications.

The product story of leveraging Actionscript, HTML, and Ajax together were represented in the three nodes of the mark. As much of Adobe's viability was seen in its success a platform company, the AIR brand also needed to family with Adobe's other two ubiquitous technologies, the Acrobat PDF document trefoil and Flash Player's ƒ mnemonic. Note anthropomorphic silhouette formed by the center (head) and the lower curve (shoulders).

Product mark specification in various colors and treatments. The mark was applied to everything from buses and banners on down to teeny "powered-by" pixel-badges.

Product mark design: Ryan Hicks.
Contributors – Direction and inspiration: Michael Gough, Jim Christie.
AIR team – Michelle Turner, Jeremy Clark, Luis Polanco. Executive Sponsor: Kevin Lynch.

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