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Prototyp is a personal project which has provided me with experience building an ecommerce solution, doing international instructional graphics, and running a small retail business. For this next version of Prototyp, I looked to the design of a completely revamped website as an opportunity to extend my work in pure CSS design to responsive screen-size breakpoints.

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Proposed community and gallery vision work for Adobe Creative Cloud. While working files live and breathe behind a private cloud-synced workflow, the public gallery experience is focussed on connecting people, products, and techniques through a showcase of finished work.

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The Transformation project was massive multi-year undertaking to redefine and redesign Adobe's web presence. Ostensibly a marketing task, the goal simply was to drastically improve Adobe's relationship with its customers. However, this meant culling or revamping every product marketing page, every support page, every learning page, every purchase point and more across the site as well as every internal process from policy and strategy to execution.

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The official website for the pinnacle of international motorcycle racing, MotoGP. A massive undertaking of live coverage pitting a light-weight international website against capturing the richest and most real experience from deeper within the sport than any spectator had ever been. More »