Works / Illustration

New cover art and posters for the Prototyp kit series. Illustrations based on photos of the models, done entirely in Illustrator and utilize livery and sponsor markings from the kits themselves.

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(post in progress) Series of posters and screen-display signage promoting lunch-time XD group presentations. After several years of quietly working under-the-radar, the central design organization is reaching out to the rest of the company. The identity and character of the speakers is represented in the artwork as their favorite lunch-time objects.

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Adobe Illustrator rendering exercise; concept livery illustration featuring one of my favorite brand/package-design identities. The chassis is a LMP-class Courage C60. More »
Concept art for feature article on music analytics. Potential best-selling songs could be predicted by comparing new music to characteristics of past hits; mapping clusters of shared attributes creates a topography of hit music. Unpublished. More »