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[In progress] Album artwork for the second release in my recording project series. Gatefold CD booklet with metallic-silver printed translucent slipcover sleeve. An evolutionary theme threads through the tracklisting, from percussive first tracks building on each other through to a rich, melodic middle section and then a tense unwinding into a cathartic dissolution of structure.

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Music releases on Dynamophone Records, San Francisco.
Two-panel gatefold pocket sleeve artwork for full-length album and 5 track EP. Photography, manipulation, layout & design, production.

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inu not for anyone cover

The artwork for "Not for Anyone" started with key elements of the art direction already set by Count. I expanded on the direction with additional photo-composite collage, noise, and type treatments to create this four-panel cd package.

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Album artwork. Grit vs polish, form vs texture, Wholeness is an album both pristinely electronic and wrapped in analog griminess. More »

A collection of this jazz dance musician's work is returned to the dance studio once more.

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A resurgent jazz/funk album from the venerable James Taylor, brought to vibrant life by producer Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove for Ubiquity Records. More »
An acclaimed album by Latin Jazz great Arturo Sandoval, recorded in Los Angeles less than a year before his defection from Cuba. The artwork plays typographically as jazzy and exuberent as the music on the disc. More »
Volume 2 of Cubop's Afro-Cuban dance collection. The 16-page booklet featured bios of each included artist with continued frolicking typographic treatments intertwined with archival photography. More »
Chris Brann's experimental jazz-meets-club/electronic project. More »
Funkstorung's music is inseparable from their process... sounds are sought out, sampled, collided, minced, congealed, regurgitated and coagulated... The result is pure beauty. An uncommissioned compilation of the band's works created under the title of "Reclaimed" naturally needed artwork that reflected their process. More »
Rerelease of an ultra-rare and out-of-print latin-jazz album by this renowned Cuban percussionist. More »