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Over 20 years of Macromedia culture and corporate adventure captured in this timeline-based information graphic. Total annual revenue is subdivided by product, and a given row height is relative to the density and significance of that year's events. More »
Artwork created for the new Orange Photography office entry wall. A unique piece in that it represents Orange Photography as a master brand but also communicates through visual devices familiar from Orange Exposure marketing work. More »

Series of postcards and web banners promoting Orange Photography's first fine-art gallery show, SF Faces. In collaboration with Start Soma.

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The story of the 2000 MotoGP season told through a montage of photography and competitor's words. A richer experience than the typical motorsport annual, the book was intended to become a companion volume to Quokka's earlier project. More »
Nine-months-worth of digital assets from Quokka's live race coverage are mapped to GPS satellite tags over the competitors' 32,000 nautical miles of racing. Each interlocking spread of the book presents the prevailing content for a two-day period. When tiled together, the book's spreads cover a 10'x40' foot wall with a map (and story) of the entire race. More »