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inu not for anyone cover

The artwork for "Not for Anyone" started with key elements of the art direction already set by Count. I expanded on the direction with additional photo-composite collage, noise, and type treatments to create this four-panel cd package.

Count had done the typeface selection for an Inu ep release earlier this year and he wanted to stay with it for this subsequent full album. The typefaces used, versions of Bell Gothic, happen to have an interesting back story. The album is inspired by the social, economic and environmental struggles in the modern world, and it is being released at a very interesting time for music distribution on the whole; micro-labels, mp3 downloads, tweet-for-a-track, facebook, short-run special releases... Titling artwork for one dying medium (cd's) using a typeface designed for another (phone books) felt somehow appropriate.

The old-school type contrasts with internet resources for most of the art. The image Count selected for the cover and all the imagery layers I used for the panel collages were from photographers he had found and contacted through wanderings on Flickr. Much of my additional grit-ifying is done with Photoshop brushes from Brazilian artist and typographer Eduardo Recife of Misprinted Type.

"The band's sound is a melting pot of alternative stylings, with synth and noise rock elements, layered guitars and ambient vocals." (Filter) File next to Elbow, Radiohead, Sigur Ros. Check out or catch them on Twitter and Facebook

Inu detailInu detail

Inu inner panel

Inu inner panel

Design: Ryan Hicks, Mikael Eldridge Photography: Shirren Lim, Les Brumes, NKL. 4-panel recycled stock Oasis gatefold sleeve.